Exemplary Solar Installations

1-Megawatt Solar Farm

Efficient Energy of Tennessee recently completed a 1 MW (1,000kW) solar farm in Knox County. This system consists of 4,608 SHARP modules manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee. An economic analysis estimated the project created 765 jobs. The system covers 5.5 acres, approximately 1.3 times the size of a football field. The array is expected to produce an annual 1,198,920 kilowatt-hours of carbon free energy. This is enough electricity to power 120 average homes a year!

500 Kilowatt PV Array at Wampler’s Sausage

Over 2,200 panels for a total of 500 kilowatts capacity make up this ground mounded system at a sausage manufacturing plant in Lenoir City.  Wampler’s is working to make their facility “carbon neutral” with energy produced by the solar panels and a cellulose-to-hydrogen “CHyP” system. A video for the solar array can be found here.

Knoxville Station Transit Center

Four kilowatts of solar PV is installed on the Knoxville Transit Center as part of the Knoxville Solar America City program. This is the first municipally owned building that is LEED certified and incorporates solar technology. It also has a green roof and bike storage.

Knox Heritage Green Home

This historic house located on 1011 Victorian Way will have both solar PV and solar hot water installed on the roof in a manner that makes it nearly invisible. The Knoxville Solar America City program also funded this project and eliminated certain Historic Zoning Commission barriers to installing solar technology.

Knox County Detention Center

This detention center currently has the largest solar hot water system in the nation, heating about 14,000 gallons of water!  It has 300 panels surrounding the facility and will save the detention center about $60,000 per pear.