TVA’s Generation Partners Program

TVA and participating TVA power companies offer homeowners and businesses an opportunity to support the growth of green power in the Tennessee Valley through a program called Generation Partners.  Homes and businesses that participate in the Generation Partners receive technical support and incentives of the installation of renewable generation systems, including solar, wind, biomass, and low-impact hydro power.

Here is how the program works: TVA will purchase 100 percent of the green energy output from a renewable generation system at a payment equal to the retail rate plus any fuel cost adjustments plus a premium. The premiums are currently 12 cents for solar and 3 cents for all other eligible renewable system.  Payment for energy generation is issued as a credit on the participant’s monthly bill by the local power company, which will meter both the power use of the home or business and the output of the generation system. In addition, all new participants who sign up will qualify for a $1000 incentive to help offset the start-up costs.

To learn more about Generation Partners, please visit or call 1–866-673‑4340.