Step 2: Consider Your Options

Some homes are better suited for one type of solar than another. Which one suits you the best?

A local Knoxville residence with both PV and solar hot water systems installed by Sustainable Future

Solar PV, solar hot water, and solar lighting can reduce energy costs in almost any home, but the best choice will depend on factors such as sun exposure, room layout, budget, and lifestyle.

Do you have the appropriate roof space and orientation?

A sunny, south-facing roof, for instance, is ideal for solar PV or hot water panels.  If your home is mostly shaded, consider options such as solar tubes as an effective, low-cost way to utilize sunshine in your home during the day.

How much do you care about the aesthetic appearance?

Adding solar panels to the roof without compromising the aesthetic appearance had always been a challenge in the past.  Thanks to building-integrated PV (BIPV) technology, PV panels can now look just like a part of your roof and can have the functions of both electricity-generating systems and roof coverings.

There are lots of options out there! Evaluate your needs and resources before choosing a solar technology.

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