Step 1: Make Your Home Energy Efficient


All 42 homes in Bradburn Village in Westminster, Colorado, feature photovoltaic systems as standard features.

It doesn’t make sense to put solar on a home that wastes energy! Solar energy is premium energy and you don’t want to waste it.

For instance, if you install a Solar PV system, but have weak insulation or leaky doors, some of the clean, green energy you produce will escape right out the window! If you want to save money on energy and electricity bills, start by improving energy efficiency of your home.  Once your home is efficient, you’re ready to start looking at solar projects.

Tips on improving your home’s energy efficiency

You can find more information on how to improve home energy efficiency on the U.S. government’s ENERGY STAR website or the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s Green Your Home page.  We’ve also compiled a list of tips on home energy efficiency on this website’s Energy Efficiency page.

We recommend completing an energy audit on your home, business or industrial building as a first step to improving your building’s energy efficiency.  We created a list of Local Energy Audit Companies who can help you get started.