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Tennessee Solar Institute receives Rooftop Solar Challenge Grant

The Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI) was selected as one of 22 regional teams to receive funds from the Department of Energy to improve the efficiency and reduce costs to the process of installing solar on homes and businesses.  TSIwill receive $622,960 and will partner with local building officials to implement model permitting, interconnection, and net metering standards. The team will also develop an integrated smartphone/tablet app to guide individuals through the application process.  The University of Tennessee is partnering with the Tennessee Valley Authority; The City of Knoxville, the City of Franklin, Metro Nashville, Memphis/Shelby County; Knoxville Utilities Board; Nashville Electric Service; Memphis Light Gas & Water; and Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Co-op.  More details and the full list of awardees can be found at http://energy.gov/articles/sunshot-rooftop-challenge-awardees

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2 Responses to “Tennessee Solar Institute receives Rooftop Solar Challenge Grant”

  1. Howard says:

    How do I get my how nominated to be a solar power pilot house? I would love to have a solar power system to see the benefits in person. Heck, I would even write a monthly blog about it.

  2. Jake says:


    I don’t know of any opportunities for your house to become a solar ‘pilot house’ at the moment. However, there are grants available from TDEC that reward projects showing energy reduction, emissions reduction, or renewable energy generation. The grants are offered to all properties within the state of Tennessee. More information can be found at http://www.tn.gov/environment/energygrants/ . The deadline for applications is March 30, 2012. I would recommend speaking with a few local solar installers to get the process started. Good luck!

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