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Free Solar PV Technology Entry-Level Training Course

The Tennessee Solar Institute is offering a free six-day solar PV technology training course aimed at any person or business interested in learning the basics of solar PV Technology.  The course is being offered during two different weeks, October 11–16 in Jackson, TN and November 1–6, 2010 in Spring Hill, TN.  Participants must complete the Career Readiness Exam and achieve a gold certificate prior to attending the training course.  More information on the career centers that offer the exam can be found here.

The training course is free and open to the public and lunch will be provided.  For more information, view or download the flyer below or call Debbie Barber at (615)-532‑4916.

TSI Solar PV Technology Training Course Flyer

Tennessee Solar Installation Grant Update

The Tennessee Solar Institute (TSI) is no longer accepting applications for their Solar Installation Grant.  The grant awarded funds to assist in the purchase and installation of solar PV systems located on or adjacent to non-residential buildings.  Strong statewide interest lead to numerous applications for the $9 million in grant funds, and they have been completely alloted for at this point.  If additional funds become available, TSI will consider re-opening the grant.

Funds are still available for the Solar Innovation Grant, and the deadline for applications is Friday, September 24th.  Find out more about the Tennessee Solar Institute at their website.